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Andy Parker

There was a time when building a home stick by stick was the standard course of construction. In an extremely competitive business, productivity is the name of the game. Parker Builders has constantly searched for new and innovative methods of constructing a home. First and foremost these methods of construction must meet their rigid quality standards. In earlier years, Parker Builders incorporated a portaframer in their system of construction. This proved to be very beneficial method of constructing a home, not only by increasing production but also by increasing quality and precision. They have now taken this method one step further by constructing the components of a home in their 12,000 ft2 facility. They are no longer at the mercy of Mother Nature, since the components are built in a controlled environment. Needless to say, productivity shot through the roof. Not only the speed of construction, but the quality of their product is beyond comparison. This system of construction is now referred to as panelization, and is the most widely used form of a system built home.

Andy Parker

The Building Systems Council organized under the NAHB depicts “today’s panelized home building system retains the best aspect of stick form of construction. They combine time tested building methods with modern technology to deliver customizable, energy efficient, beautiful new homes built in a climate controlled facility. Panelized home building is boasting benefits of both speed and savings.” Go to for additional information on panelized construction.


Parker Builders now offers our panel products to other builders in SC and GA. Contact us for a quote on an upcoming project. You can be assured of a cost effective superior product delivered on schedule.

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